Crestfallen Through the Portal

Day 1 and a half, (part 6): Stupendico!

Rabid robots

PC’s present: J# , Hufosu , Utinni Borej , sovelissessess
Writeup: lolvenom

Light panels on the ceiling buzz and flicker on, revealing a stunningly dean chamber ofsteel and ceramic. Strange machines hum and blink in the center of the room. Alcoves line some ofthe walls; afew contain broken robots, some are empty, and others contain functioning robots. The sounds of hydraulic lifts whoosh from adjoining chambers. Company name STUPENDICO.

Being the fearless champions of justice (and smashing things up) they are, the team wasted no time in racing into the melee to beat the offending robots into submission. Moments later the functioning robots got stuck in to the intruders, quickly reducing at least one member to scrap metal. After a hard fought brawl the bots went down and the tin man was given some heart.

Not learning their lesson from having found a room full of murderous bots, the intrepid explorers decided that a tasty looking red button on the wall couldn’t possibly provide any problems for them. How wrong they were – into the room is released another flybot, though this one is disposed of much quicker than his predecessors. Deciding that buttons are bad, the explorers shack up for a well deserved rest.


Awakening feeling empowered and refreshed from their kip, the boys and androgenous robot proceeded through an airlock into a square room divided down the middle by a series of red laser beams. On the far side loitered a posse of sharpshooters and flybots. The collective squad were determined not to let these bad guys get the better of them; doppleganging, teleporting and leaping through to the other side of the beams and beating the collective pulp out of the unfortunate henchmen.

A dig around amongst the corpses found a bunch of good loot.

Loot: Flash Neurojack (J#), Mk1 power armour (Utini), Fusion rifle (Sovelly and Huff)
first encounter
XP = 725/4 = 181.25
second encounter
XP = 725/4 = 181.25



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