Crestfallen Through the Portal

Day 1, part 2: What's down the well, Skippy?

Talkin' to the fishies

PC’s present: J# , Iyodu , Jinnitu Oreb , sovelissessess
Writeup: lolvenom

Stranded outside the heavy doors, the boys (and other humanoid shaped maniacs) took to being inventive. Inventive enough to scale the walls of the tower rather than use the front door. The less agile carried up by the more capable and less gravity constrained. The hatch on top of roof proved little further obstacle to those who wanted to beat up on anything that got too close.

In usual gung-ho fashion, the same agile and unconstrained by gravity members of the party who’d climbed up on their own, jumped into the newly opened hatch. Inside a few more Badder guards were suckling a Yexil Marauder, which was understandably unhappy at the intrusion. In the fracas that ensued both Sovelissessess and Iyodu were knocked unconcious, whilst bender J# took a staunch rearguard action from the saftey of the roof. Eventually, convinced by his colleagues that cowardice wasn’t the better part of valour, he was coerced from the roof with an unceremonious clang (falling 25ft will do that to you). The Yexil was finally deposed and tea and buiscuits was arranged for those of the party who’d generously donated blood during the scuffle.

J#, perhaps discombobulated by his fall, decided that the well in the corner would provide plenty of insight into the next step of their adventure (despite his lack of affinity with what would be at the bottom). Lowered down for a closer look, his invocation of a clever aquatic adaption left the party standing around for an hour whilst he tried to communicate with several shoals of fish. Whilst waiting, a one of the exploding robots ambled into the middle of the party from the downstairs ramp. Only the quick actions of the Crat to open the front doors shooed it on it’s way without further incident. Eventually, fishless, J# emerged from the watery hole empty handed.

A final search of the room provided some more odds and sods for the group. Gathering around the downward ramp they steadied themselves for the next adventure…

Loot: more bric-a-brac plus some omega tech; all seeing egg (J.Oreb), leaky fusion rifle (J#), 2x mk1 power armour (Sovey & Iyodu). Bucket (helmet) for Iyudo.
XP = 550/4 = 137.5pp



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