Crestfallen Through the Portal

Day 1, part 3: Pop goes the weasel

And the crat. And the giant.

PC’s present: J# , Iyodu , Jinnitu Oreb , sovelissessess
Writeup: lolvenom

Having been battered silly during their previous ordeal, the boys were in the mood to get down the stairs and kick some badder arse. Unfortunately the badders in question were busy hiding behind a table, which proved something of an obstacle for the gang, and allowed one of them to get away to alert some friends.

Having finally swept aside what the table, the elite squad of freaks was then faced with a bigger challenge – a large machine filling the center of the next chamber – but what to do with it? So many choices; should they turn luddite and smash it, or employ the power of SCIENCE to deactivate it? Whatever the choice was, it would have to be made whilst under pressure from the newly alerted and quite surly badders.

A bit of tinkering later and the machine was deactivated by some quick snips from J#’s super scientific fingers. Unfortunately for the team in the time it took to do that, Iyudo and the Crat were also floored. Sadly, Sovelly and J# continued to dither in their attempts to remove the threat from the remaining badders, the two floored (and flawed) heroes lives slipped away.

Never to be put out by a friendly casualty or two, a short holla back to the big boss got some fresh meat delivered to the party. Whilst awaiting their arrival, a little constructive looting of the now defunct machine resulted in a few new toys for the survivors. The two new team members arrived moments later to fill the shoes left by the recently departed pair…

Loot: Bric-a-brac, Leaky fusion rifle (J#), All-Seeing Egg (sovey)
XP = 600/2 (survivors) = 300pp



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