Crestfallen Through the Portal

Day 1, part 4: A nudge is as good as a wink to a blind moth

Say no more sir, say no more!

PC’s present: J# , Hufosu , Utinni Borej , sovelissessess
Writeup: lolvenom

…and those two team members happen to be a human torch (The Huff) and a psychic freak (Utinni). The new and improved gang strut around a little showing off their new tricks before embarking on the next adventure.

Heading through the holes in the wall and following the rubble strewn tunnels to their conclusion, the team stumble into a large chamber lit by a glowing blue moss on the floor. Exploring further into the cavern revealed a large earthen ramp spiralling down into the ground – unforunately with several large black moths and flocks of red birds flapping around in the air.

A brief tussle ensued that saw several of the birds explode in a puff of feathers, but unfortunately so did Sovey. It wasn’t until the last moth was dispatched that the intrepid adventurers were able to get back to him to help stabilise, thus prevent another early death.

To end the encounter the team descended down the ramp to a narrow corridor and went to see what happened next.

Loot: Flash Neurojacks (The Huff, Sovey), Mk1 Power Armour (J#), Electro-Flail (Utinni)
XP = 600/4 = 150pp



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