Crestfallen Through the Portal

Day 1, part 5: Porkers, flying robots, and SCIENCE!

Radioactive, again

PC’s present: J# , Hufosu , Utinni Borej , sovelissessess
Writeup: lolvenom

At the bottom of the ramp is a narrow corridor leading into a another chamber, filled with pits crackling with radioactivity. Lurking amongst said pits are several Porkers and a few small flying sentry robots. Slap bang in the center of the room is a computer console that looks like it might have something to do with the heavy metal airlock embedded in the far wall.

Well trained in the arts of both war and teamwork, the elite freaksquad set upon the unfortunate bad guys with gusto. Apart from the odd slip-up (and into the radioactive pit), the ensuing brawl goes very much in their favour. A bit of SCIENCE from the teams computing device later and the console is rewired to open the porthole. Tune in next time to see what’s through the round door…

Loot: Punching bag (The Huff), Bike lock (J#), Cordless mouse (Sovey), Umbrella (Utinni)
XP = 850/4 = 212.5



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