Crestfallen Through the Portal

Day 1: Where are we again?

Following the trail of exploding robots

PC’s present: J# , Friend Henree , Iyodu , Jinnitu Oreb , sovelissessess
Writeup: lolvenom

Having just fallen through a portal, been evicted from their own bodies, and dropped in a strange new land; the Fellowship of Fallcrest were in no mood to mess around.

Word from the boss was that the town they’d landed in was under attack from exploding robots. Stupid exploding robots at that, since they’d not managed to circumvent the very small northern wall which was all that protected the town.

In typical fashion, the boys were sent out to investigate where they were coming from and shut them down. A little bit of tracking lead them north towards a big metal tower, and straight into a biff up with some (not very tasty) porkers and badders. The scuffle didn’t last long; radiation flashed, claws scratched, friends hugged and doppelgangers doppelganged to full effect.

The days work ended with no further progress on the exploding robot mystery. Instead the team loitered outside the heavy doors of the tower and knocked back a few beers, ready for the next installment…

Loot: a bunch of bric-a-brac
XP = 550/5 = 110pp



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