Crestfallen Through the Portal

Day 2: Fresh meat for the grinder

Follow the White Rabbit

PC’s present: J# , Hufosu , Utinni Borej , sovelissessess , Defib
Writeup: lolvenom

Our intrepid band, fresh from having comquered the room full of lasers, procede through a narrow corridor before reaching another airlock door. Poised, ready to enter, a noise behind them causes hesitation – lucky for the team it’s only Defib the shambling Giant sent as some backup by the boss. A click and hiss later the airlock pops open to reveal…

A huge mechanized arm hangs from the 30-foot-high ceiling. EniGame Masteratic machines hum along the chamber’s periphery. Two massive vats swirl with scintillating colors; the fluid appears to move on its own. Hoop warriors and laserbots protect a large hoop standing on a 1O-foot-high platform that has aflashing computer console. The hoop wears a shiny iron helmet.

Dr Hypothesis is determined to be the best Bond villain in town, explaining in intricate detail what he intended to do to the meddling kids. Unfortunately for him, that gave the team enough time to take evasive action to most of the bad things about to happen. Unfortunately for The Huff and Defib, they were still a little slow off the mark and got caught up in a flash of enemy fire and artillery. Sovelly made a good fist of things and started knocking about minions, but forgot to look up and gets hooked on the Dr’s mechanised arm and flung into one of the vats.

Before long the initially overwhelmed team manage to get a foothold in the room. Tiny uses his incredible powers of teleportation to beam across to the Doc and give him a taste of his own medicine in the form of a chuffing great slap to the face. J# tries, but spectacularly fails, to turn the Doc to ash with his fusion rifle, and instead has to settle for brawling with some of the sentry bots. Eventually after some sustained pressure Dr Hypo hops his last hop and gets cremated by a second, more accurate blast of fusion energy, leaving behind nothing but his metal helmet.

Not one to waste such an artifact, Tiny snaffles it up and uses it to pick up the remaining sentry bot and toss it into a vat for good measure.

Rumble over, the team put some effort into finding the source of the exploding robots, which appears to be via a hatch in the wall. Pushing a large cannister across the entry way effectively seals the explod-o-bots in and saves the township from any more dicey moments. Hunting around the ruins of the rest of the room turns up some sweet loot for each of the squad.

Loot: Tangler (Tiny), Autoskeleton (Sovelly), Anamatronic toy (Huff), Unreliable jetpack (J#), Prototype powerfist (Defib)
XP = 800/5 = 160pp
Bonus XP = 1000/5 = 200pp



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