Crestfallen Through the Portal

Day ??: The day after the night before...

Waking up in a kebab shop

PC’s present: J# , Hufosu , Utinni Borej , sovelissessess
Writeup: lolvenom

Team go back to Crestfallen victorious, then get a bit pissed whilst bragging to the locals. Wake up in a kebab shop… ? in a tower-like chamber. Find note on the table from Dr Hypothesis saying he missed us so thought he’d come back and see us. Turns out they appear to be in the sewers under the city. Team run away from the water nearby and into a room full of Hoops instead. Sovelly charges in, closely followed by the rest of the team and in short order the bunnies are turned into slippers.

Go for a look in the western corridor, find a room full of fungus which J# falls into, spreading the germs out over all other members of the team. In a mildly euphoric idiocy J# goes exploring and falls down an unnoticed pit in the corridor. Requires rescue party to come in the form of The Huff to burn all the fungus away and Sovelly to create a doppelganger for a pair of shoulders to stand on to climb out. Rescue complete!

Continue on down corridor to a room with a large pool of water in the middle. Dopp gets sent in to investigate the pool, whilst The Huff loiters inside. Tiny sets off a trap, before a stone door slams down and traps The Huff in the room. Room fills with water whilst the huff gets taken up to the ceiling in the water before being sucked down to through the water feature and spat out into a strange room ….

Loot: Tiny (travel pamphlet of holidays), J# (small hand lense), Sovelly (paper sachet of artificial sweetener), The Huff (Spanner)
XP = 700/4 = 175pp



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