Through the looking glass from charismatic leader to impersonal android


J sharp4


When Jonn passed through the portal, being flipped to the mirror opposite was the last thing he expected…

Now, as with most Androids, J# has a positively homicidal take on things. If it moves, clamp it, slash it, beat it, maim it, or irradiate it (the latter only if it’s humanoid and susceptible to radiation).

Loot: Wireless keyboard, tonka truck, exercise treadmill, bike lock
XP: 2132.5

Omega tech:
Unreliable Jet Pack (Area 52)
Up, up, and… whoa! Waist; Power: Consumable; Minor Action; Effect: You gain a fly speed equal to your speed until the end of your next turn. Each time you take damage before the end of your next turn, the “auto-jet” engages and pushes you away from the triggering attacker a number of squares equal to your speed after the damage is dealt.
Meltdown Orbiter (Area 52)
This drone constantly morphs as it circles your head. At your command, it fires a pulse of flesh-shredding radiation at your foes. Head; Property: You gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls with radiation attacks; Power: Encounter, Radiation; Standard Action, Close Blast 5; Target: Each creature in blast; Attack: Level + 6 vs. Fortitude; Hit: 4d8 + Intelligence modifier + twice your level radiation damage; Salvage 6: A 6th level character can salvage the meltdown orbiter. It becomes a head item with the following property: You gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls with radiation attacks.

Radio Head (A; C; Dark) You’ve got a song stuck in your head. And so does everyone else. Benefit: You can receive and broadcast analog radio signals. You can transmit any sound you can imagine or are currently hearing, including voice communications and sound. You have a range of 10 miles. ; Overcharge: When you start your turn, you can roll a d20; 10+: Your range increase to 50 miles instead of 10.; 9 or less: You unconsciously broadcast a hostile radio signal that incites anger in all nearby sentient machines and robots. It also draws mobile sentient machines and robots within 1 mile of your location to you.


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