Crestfallen Through the Portal

Day ??: The day after the night before...
Waking up in a kebab shop

PC’s present: J# , Hufosu , Utinni Borej , sovelissessess
Writeup: lolvenom

Team go back to Crestfallen victorious, then get a bit pissed whilst bragging to the locals. Wake up in a kebab shop… ? in a tower-like chamber. Find note on the table from Dr Hypothesis saying he missed us so thought he’d come back and see us. Turns out they appear to be in the sewers under the city. Team run away from the water nearby and into a room full of Hoops instead. Sovelly charges in, closely followed by the rest of the team and in short order the bunnies are turned into slippers.

Go for a look in the western corridor, find a room full of fungus which J# falls into, spreading the germs out over all other members of the team. In a mildly euphoric idiocy J# goes exploring and falls down an unnoticed pit in the corridor. Requires rescue party to come in the form of The Huff to burn all the fungus away and Sovelly to create a doppelganger for a pair of shoulders to stand on to climb out. Rescue complete!

Continue on down corridor to a room with a large pool of water in the middle. Dopp gets sent in to investigate the pool, whilst The Huff loiters inside. Tiny sets off a trap, before a stone door slams down and traps The Huff in the room. Room fills with water whilst the huff gets taken up to the ceiling in the water before being sucked down to through the water feature and spat out into a strange room ….

Loot: Tiny (travel pamphlet of holidays), J# (small hand lense), Sovelly (paper sachet of artificial sweetener), The Huff (Spanner)
XP = 700/4 = 175pp

Day 2: Fresh meat for the grinder
Follow the White Rabbit

PC’s present: J# , Hufosu , Utinni Borej , sovelissessess , Defib
Writeup: lolvenom

Our intrepid band, fresh from having comquered the room full of lasers, procede through a narrow corridor before reaching another airlock door. Poised, ready to enter, a noise behind them causes hesitation – lucky for the team it’s only Defib the shambling Giant sent as some backup by the boss. A click and hiss later the airlock pops open to reveal…

A huge mechanized arm hangs from the 30-foot-high ceiling. EniGame Masteratic machines hum along the chamber’s periphery. Two massive vats swirl with scintillating colors; the fluid appears to move on its own. Hoop warriors and laserbots protect a large hoop standing on a 1O-foot-high platform that has aflashing computer console. The hoop wears a shiny iron helmet.

Dr Hypothesis is determined to be the best Bond villain in town, explaining in intricate detail what he intended to do to the meddling kids. Unfortunately for him, that gave the team enough time to take evasive action to most of the bad things about to happen. Unfortunately for The Huff and Defib, they were still a little slow off the mark and got caught up in a flash of enemy fire and artillery. Sovelly made a good fist of things and started knocking about minions, but forgot to look up and gets hooked on the Dr’s mechanised arm and flung into one of the vats.

Before long the initially overwhelmed team manage to get a foothold in the room. Tiny uses his incredible powers of teleportation to beam across to the Doc and give him a taste of his own medicine in the form of a chuffing great slap to the face. J# tries, but spectacularly fails, to turn the Doc to ash with his fusion rifle, and instead has to settle for brawling with some of the sentry bots. Eventually after some sustained pressure Dr Hypo hops his last hop and gets cremated by a second, more accurate blast of fusion energy, leaving behind nothing but his metal helmet.

Not one to waste such an artifact, Tiny snaffles it up and uses it to pick up the remaining sentry bot and toss it into a vat for good measure.

Rumble over, the team put some effort into finding the source of the exploding robots, which appears to be via a hatch in the wall. Pushing a large cannister across the entry way effectively seals the explod-o-bots in and saves the township from any more dicey moments. Hunting around the ruins of the rest of the room turns up some sweet loot for each of the squad.

Loot: Tangler (Tiny), Autoskeleton (Sovelly), Anamatronic toy (Huff), Unreliable jetpack (J#), Prototype powerfist (Defib)
XP = 800/5 = 160pp
Bonus XP = 1000/5 = 200pp

Day 1 and a half, (part 6): Stupendico!
Rabid robots

PC’s present: J# , Hufosu , Utinni Borej , sovelissessess
Writeup: lolvenom

Light panels on the ceiling buzz and flicker on, revealing a stunningly dean chamber ofsteel and ceramic. Strange machines hum and blink in the center of the room. Alcoves line some ofthe walls; afew contain broken robots, some are empty, and others contain functioning robots. The sounds of hydraulic lifts whoosh from adjoining chambers. Company name STUPENDICO.

Being the fearless champions of justice (and smashing things up) they are, the team wasted no time in racing into the melee to beat the offending robots into submission. Moments later the functioning robots got stuck in to the intruders, quickly reducing at least one member to scrap metal. After a hard fought brawl the bots went down and the tin man was given some heart.

Not learning their lesson from having found a room full of murderous bots, the intrepid explorers decided that a tasty looking red button on the wall couldn’t possibly provide any problems for them. How wrong they were – into the room is released another flybot, though this one is disposed of much quicker than his predecessors. Deciding that buttons are bad, the explorers shack up for a well deserved rest.


Awakening feeling empowered and refreshed from their kip, the boys and androgenous robot proceeded through an airlock into a square room divided down the middle by a series of red laser beams. On the far side loitered a posse of sharpshooters and flybots. The collective squad were determined not to let these bad guys get the better of them; doppleganging, teleporting and leaping through to the other side of the beams and beating the collective pulp out of the unfortunate henchmen.

A dig around amongst the corpses found a bunch of good loot.

Loot: Flash Neurojack (J#), Mk1 power armour (Utini), Fusion rifle (Sovelly and Huff)
first encounter
XP = 725/4 = 181.25
second encounter
XP = 725/4 = 181.25

Day 1, part 5: Porkers, flying robots, and SCIENCE!
Radioactive, again

PC’s present: J# , Hufosu , Utinni Borej , sovelissessess
Writeup: lolvenom

At the bottom of the ramp is a narrow corridor leading into a another chamber, filled with pits crackling with radioactivity. Lurking amongst said pits are several Porkers and a few small flying sentry robots. Slap bang in the center of the room is a computer console that looks like it might have something to do with the heavy metal airlock embedded in the far wall.

Well trained in the arts of both war and teamwork, the elite freaksquad set upon the unfortunate bad guys with gusto. Apart from the odd slip-up (and into the radioactive pit), the ensuing brawl goes very much in their favour. A bit of SCIENCE from the teams computing device later and the console is rewired to open the porthole. Tune in next time to see what’s through the round door…

Loot: Punching bag (The Huff), Bike lock (J#), Cordless mouse (Sovey), Umbrella (Utinni)
XP = 850/4 = 212.5

Day 1, part 4: A nudge is as good as a wink to a blind moth
Say no more sir, say no more!

PC’s present: J# , Hufosu , Utinni Borej , sovelissessess
Writeup: lolvenom

…and those two team members happen to be a human torch (The Huff) and a psychic freak (Utinni). The new and improved gang strut around a little showing off their new tricks before embarking on the next adventure.

Heading through the holes in the wall and following the rubble strewn tunnels to their conclusion, the team stumble into a large chamber lit by a glowing blue moss on the floor. Exploring further into the cavern revealed a large earthen ramp spiralling down into the ground – unforunately with several large black moths and flocks of red birds flapping around in the air.

A brief tussle ensued that saw several of the birds explode in a puff of feathers, but unfortunately so did Sovey. It wasn’t until the last moth was dispatched that the intrepid adventurers were able to get back to him to help stabilise, thus prevent another early death.

To end the encounter the team descended down the ramp to a narrow corridor and went to see what happened next.

Loot: Flash Neurojacks (The Huff, Sovey), Mk1 Power Armour (J#), Electro-Flail (Utinni)
XP = 600/4 = 150pp

Day 1, part 3: Pop goes the weasel
And the crat. And the giant.

PC’s present: J# , Iyodu , Jinnitu Oreb , sovelissessess
Writeup: lolvenom

Having been battered silly during their previous ordeal, the boys were in the mood to get down the stairs and kick some badder arse. Unfortunately the badders in question were busy hiding behind a table, which proved something of an obstacle for the gang, and allowed one of them to get away to alert some friends.

Having finally swept aside what the table, the elite squad of freaks was then faced with a bigger challenge – a large machine filling the center of the next chamber – but what to do with it? So many choices; should they turn luddite and smash it, or employ the power of SCIENCE to deactivate it? Whatever the choice was, it would have to be made whilst under pressure from the newly alerted and quite surly badders.

A bit of tinkering later and the machine was deactivated by some quick snips from J#’s super scientific fingers. Unfortunately for the team in the time it took to do that, Iyudo and the Crat were also floored. Sadly, Sovelly and J# continued to dither in their attempts to remove the threat from the remaining badders, the two floored (and flawed) heroes lives slipped away.

Never to be put out by a friendly casualty or two, a short holla back to the big boss got some fresh meat delivered to the party. Whilst awaiting their arrival, a little constructive looting of the now defunct machine resulted in a few new toys for the survivors. The two new team members arrived moments later to fill the shoes left by the recently departed pair…

Loot: Bric-a-brac, Leaky fusion rifle (J#), All-Seeing Egg (sovey)
XP = 600/2 (survivors) = 300pp

Day 1, part 2: What's down the well, Skippy?
Talkin' to the fishies

PC’s present: J# , Iyodu , Jinnitu Oreb , sovelissessess
Writeup: lolvenom

Stranded outside the heavy doors, the boys (and other humanoid shaped maniacs) took to being inventive. Inventive enough to scale the walls of the tower rather than use the front door. The less agile carried up by the more capable and less gravity constrained. The hatch on top of roof proved little further obstacle to those who wanted to beat up on anything that got too close.

In usual gung-ho fashion, the same agile and unconstrained by gravity members of the party who’d climbed up on their own, jumped into the newly opened hatch. Inside a few more Badder guards were suckling a Yexil Marauder, which was understandably unhappy at the intrusion. In the fracas that ensued both Sovelissessess and Iyodu were knocked unconcious, whilst bender J# took a staunch rearguard action from the saftey of the roof. Eventually, convinced by his colleagues that cowardice wasn’t the better part of valour, he was coerced from the roof with an unceremonious clang (falling 25ft will do that to you). The Yexil was finally deposed and tea and buiscuits was arranged for those of the party who’d generously donated blood during the scuffle.

J#, perhaps discombobulated by his fall, decided that the well in the corner would provide plenty of insight into the next step of their adventure (despite his lack of affinity with what would be at the bottom). Lowered down for a closer look, his invocation of a clever aquatic adaption left the party standing around for an hour whilst he tried to communicate with several shoals of fish. Whilst waiting, a one of the exploding robots ambled into the middle of the party from the downstairs ramp. Only the quick actions of the Crat to open the front doors shooed it on it’s way without further incident. Eventually, fishless, J# emerged from the watery hole empty handed.

A final search of the room provided some more odds and sods for the group. Gathering around the downward ramp they steadied themselves for the next adventure…

Loot: more bric-a-brac plus some omega tech; all seeing egg (J.Oreb), leaky fusion rifle (J#), 2x mk1 power armour (Sovey & Iyodu). Bucket (helmet) for Iyudo.
XP = 550/4 = 137.5pp

Day 1: Where are we again?
Following the trail of exploding robots

PC’s present: J# , Friend Henree , Iyodu , Jinnitu Oreb , sovelissessess
Writeup: lolvenom

Having just fallen through a portal, been evicted from their own bodies, and dropped in a strange new land; the Fellowship of Fallcrest were in no mood to mess around.

Word from the boss was that the town they’d landed in was under attack from exploding robots. Stupid exploding robots at that, since they’d not managed to circumvent the very small northern wall which was all that protected the town.

In typical fashion, the boys were sent out to investigate where they were coming from and shut them down. A little bit of tracking lead them north towards a big metal tower, and straight into a biff up with some (not very tasty) porkers and badders. The scuffle didn’t last long; radiation flashed, claws scratched, friends hugged and doppelgangers doppelganged to full effect.

The days work ended with no further progress on the exploding robot mystery. Instead the team loitered outside the heavy doors of the tower and knocked back a few beers, ready for the next installment…

Loot: a bunch of bric-a-brac
XP = 550/5 = 110pp


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