Character Backgrounds

Choose your character’s Personality traits (optional, but adds flavour):

✇ How trusting are you?
Gullible, Open-minded, Skeptical, Suspicious, Obstinate

✇ What is your outlook at the start of each day?
Hopeful, Enthusiastic, Self-assured, Grim, Self-doubting

✇ What kind of decision maker are you?
Forceful, Adaptable, Timid, Easygoing, Impatient

✇ How conscientious are you about following rules?
Scrupulous, Pragmatic, Dutiful, Flexible, Scofflaw

✇ How empathetic are you?
Kind, Hard-hearted, Charitable, Oblivious, Thieving

✇ How courageous are you while under fire?
Cautious, Daring, Fearful, Reckless, Fierce

✇ What do you look like?
Describe your character’s skin color, hair style, clothing, etc. The sky is the limit! You’re a mutant after all…

✇ What trade or occupation did your family follow when you were young?

✇ What’s the worst event of your life up until now?

✇ What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you?

✇ Do you stay in contact with your family? What do they think of you?

Character Backgrounds

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