Differences from DnD4E

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’ve played D&D 4th Edition before:

✇ There are no healing surges.

✇ Second Wind is a minor action that restores ½ of your hit points, or your bloodied value.

✇ You regain all of your hit points during a short rest.

✇ There are no action points in Gamma World.

✇ If you use gun ammo more than once in an encounter, you run out of ammo when the encounter
is over.

✇ Skill checks and attack rolls add the character’s FULL level, not ½ the character’s level.

✇ Charge and other move-to-attack powers are not listed in the Gamma World Rulebook, although they are sometimes referred to. I will be allowing charging and bullrushing as described in the DnD Players Handbook.

Differences from DnD4E

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