Ruin Raiders

“Life is simple. Kill the monsters, take their stuff.”

The Ruin Raiders are a loose association of adventurers and explorers dedicated to delving into the dangerous places of the world and returning richer for it. The group runs a few survival schools in larger communities, but mostly are organized in “bands” of raiders with 3 to 8 members. The Raiders are often seen as mercenaries, though they generally only accept jobs to clear out old strongholds or eliminate specific dangerous creatures. They are seen as mad by many outside their circle, but also respected as courageous and skilled – as well as disposable – heroes.

Each band of Raiders has its own leader, called a Loremaster, who determines what jobs the band takes. The personal preferences of the Loremaster have a pronounced effect on the band, for only he can decide if a job to hunt down a mutant is a monster hunt, or an assassination unworthy of Raiders. In theory, Ruin Raiders only delve into dangerous territories (preferably subterranean ones), rescue kidnap victims, and kill dangerous monsters. These categories are quite broad of course, leading some Loremasters to happily accept jobs to hunt down and kill mutants alongside Purists, while others refuse such work as beneath them. Ruin Raiders are direct in their dealings with others. A Loremaster makes friends where he can, using the military might of his band to protect those who are loyal and friendly to him and his. More than one small community has been saved from a marauding horror or band of scavengers by a group of Ruin Raiders, and such communities take great pains to keep the Raiders happy when they’re in town. Loremasters are similarly straightforward when dealing with enemies, making strikes against teams of scouts and support facilities if a foe is too strong to oppose directly.

As you passed through the portal, you became aware that you are a Ruin Raider; hand-picked by your fellow members, trained “on the job” as you explored false threats in pseudomedieval environments, through facilities filled with holographic projectors, simple robot monsters and working (if badly designed) traps and even cybernetic implants or dream-modification technology to create the virtual experience. Your Loremaster is a man called Nimo Zaran who lives in the Green Tower.

Ruin Raiders

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